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Traffic to your website, SEO, Link wheels and more
« on: March 07, 2016, 08:07:56 AM »
I read a lot of times that people actual buy So called gigs on websites like fiverr and are then surprised that it is not working:
Here are some example comments I did find on a linkwheel gig from fiverr.

Horrible! I spent over $100.00 and completly got robbed. My site never ranked on google, seller never would answer my questions during purchase and blocked me as spam after the order was claimed complete. Biggest scam by far with this seller on fiverr!

I decided to invest over $110.00 for this gig after reading all the amazing reviews. I wasn't expecting this outcome! I feel sorry for myself and for all of those who bought gigs from them. I wouldn't have realised what kind of game they play however this gig was for a site launching the same day.

Just 2 comments. But I want to give a general tip about this. If your website is NOT good, and you have not content that is interesting enough for a reader then you can try to get as much traffic as you want, but people will not come back to your website.
Beside that, search engines like Google, will find out sooner or later that you get a massive amount of traffic in a unnatural way, and will rank you lower. 

Do not fool yourself, make your website better, advertise it normaly and sooner or later you will get the traffic you want.
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Mike Smit

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Re: Traffic to your website, SEO, Link wheels and more
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2016, 08:23:40 AM »
Another good way to get traffic to your website is pretty simple.

Register with several accounts on and start promoting your website by liking the links on your website.

This is working perfect for me !